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WESCORP is a global leader in mission-critical thermal spray coatings that ensure optimal performance and durability. Leveraging our professional-grade WESCOAT® process, we deliver end-to-end solutions by providing Precision Machining and Finishing services all under one roof.

The WESCORP Way A Legacy of Excellence for Mission-Grade Applications.
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With WESCORP, you don’t have to compromise between cost-effective solutions and state-of-the-art excellence. You get both.
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Founded in 1962, WESCORP remains a world-class supplier of thermal spray coatings by offering individualized and cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of customers and industries enabling them to improve their operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs through our WESCOAT® coating services.
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WESCORP uses state-of-the-art coating technologies to deliver solutions from electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, friction, wear and erosion to thermal protection and beyond. Read our latest case studies of excellence.
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