Case Study: Aerospace

The Situation

Critical landing gear must execute their mission every time without issue. One of the most important initiatives for the Aerospace industry is to always help ensure the safety of military and commercial aviation equipment that operates both in and outside the United States while also meeting some of the strictest standards of safety excellence.

The Problem

The aircraft landing gear used in the Aerospace industry is under tons of pressure, weight and stress during takeoffs and landings thus resulting in accelerated wear and erosion especially of the wheel and brake components. The nature of this critical part requires strength as well as corrosion resistance to meet the demands of the job. Planes were having to be grounded repeatedly causing logistical and financial problems for the organization. Also for the last century, hard chrome coatings have been the go to solution for the industry which have been shown to cause health and environmental issues.

The Need

The Aerospace industry was looking for a product that would lift the performance and lifespan of the various wheel and brake components without impacting the overall integrity of the parts. They also needed a replacement coating that addressed the health and environmental issues that were caused by hard chrome coatings and their byproducts. Finally, the solution needed to be cost effective in order to improve their overall financial investment.

The Solution

WESCORP’s Wescoat® Products WC02H2 & CC05H2 provided the aerospace industry with a solution that transitioned them from hard chrome plating to a now eco friendly, long lasting coating with a superior bond strength that would not impact the integrity of the components. This proprietary process is done all under one roof by an organization with almost 60 years of experience.

●The WESCOAT® spraying solution provides an increase in productivity by reducing downtime of the aircraft due to an overall increased lifespan when the coating is used.
●The WESCOAT® spray solution is also cost effective given the increased lifespan of the product resulting in decreasing the amount of part repairs or overall replacement.

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