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Family Owned and Operated

Mr. David Nyland, the founder of White Engineering Surfaces Corporation “WESCORP”, was working on the needs for ceramic insulator coatings for jet aircraft. He saw the utilization of advanced thermal coatings limited by problems of low coating density and limited bond strength between the coating and the substrate. During this time, Mr. Nyland engineered a sprayed surface technology that was able to combat these major limitations. He developed and trademarked the WESCOAT® process and therefore was awarded several large military aerospace contracts. He called the science he practiced ‘Surface Engineering Technologies.’ As was true in 1962 and remains so today, the engineering behind the WESCOAT® coating process makes sprayed components perform better, last longer, and therefore reduces total costs for WESCORP’s customers.

As a family-owned and operated business, the mission and vision of David Nyland carried on through Chris, Diane, and now Colby. WESCORP has continued to maintain our commitment to advancing the surface technology industry through cost-effective and customizable solutions for our customers. By offering several different WESCOAT® coatings, WESCORP has the ability to fit the needs of each customer. Some of the many industries we serve are aerospace, automotive, marine, down hold drilling, chemical, textile, printing, and electronics. Our vast experience and variety of customers allow us to offer inter-industry solutions to difficult problems. WESCORP offers our customers a single-source solution with precision machining, precision finishing, and thermal spray (HVOF, Plasma, and Wire Arc) capabilities all under one roof in our 40,000 sq ft building located in Newtown, PA.

As a true Single Source Solution, we continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our customers and our employees. WESCORP brings complete quality control and efficiency to all of our product lines allowing projects to be customized to meet all of our clients’ requirements and the industries they represent.

As our team continues to grow, David Nyland’s vision has become a reality. Today, WESCORP is a 3rd Generation, Woman-Owned, and Operated Small Business.

Historical Timeline of Innovation
The Start of the Wescorp Way
The 1970's at a glance
Aerospace Innovation
Next Generation Evolution
Family Owned and Operated
White Engineering Surfaces Corporation was founded in 1962 by Dave and Diane White Nyland. With a single lathe in their own garage in Levittown, PA, Dave and Diane began manufacturing textile parts before expanding the business to a small facility in Bristol, PA.

Expansion through the 1970s
In the early 1970s, Dave, Diane, and their son, Chris Nyland traveled through Europe selling aluminum oxide coatings to textile mills to replace the chrome plating on thread guides and throat plates. The advanced technology coating solution brought millions in equipment maintenance savings to textile mills around the world, as the need to replace equipment due to synthetic fiber wear was reduced by 20-50x. With the advancements in market access and increased demand, the business once again expanded, relocating to a larger facility in Newtown, PA. Shortly after, White Engineering became an approved supplier for the Department of Defense, supporting various engine programs including Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation. To this day, WESCORP remains a key supplier to the Department of Defense.
Cutting Edge Coatings for the Aerospace Industry
White Engineering continued leading the thermal spray market to new technological advancements, including introducing the High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) coating process, which provided superior performance compared to traditional combustion and electrical spray methods. White Engineering went on to work with a leading aerospace OEM to replace the existing chrome plating design on aircraft braking systems with high-performance tungsten-carbide coatings, dramatically improving wear performance and brake component life cycles. For 30+ years, White Engineering has remained the leading supplier for braking system coatings with a track record that includes zero failures or product impacts in the field.
Transition Matters
White Engineering expanded its operations once again, relocating into its current 40,000 sq. ft. facility located in Newtown, PA. Upon the passing of Dave Nyland, Chris Nyland stepped into the role of President of White Engineering with the goal of expanding into new markets. Soon thereafter, his goals became reality, as White became a leading supplier of thermal spray coatings to the printing industry and doubled in size by 2004.  In 2018, the spirit of the family owned and operated small business continued when Colby Nyland-Elliott, a 3rd generation Nyland, stepped into the role of Vice President of White Engineering.  In 2019, Colby successfully recruited several key management team members that all have the same vision in mind: continuous success and growth for the next 50+ years.


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Dave Nyland
Chief Executive Officer and President
1962 - 2001
Chris Nyland
Diane Nyland
Chief Executive Officer & President
2007 - Present
Colby Nyland
Vice President
Colby Nyland-Elliott joined WESCORP in 2015 within the finance department.  Colby felt it was important to learn the business through the payables and receivables – the true financial heartbeat of any organization. Colby was quick to identify opportunities for improvement and began initiating upgrades to improve administrative efficiencies. In just three short years, Colby expanded her role into the production operations, again with the mindset of further understanding the family business. By August 2018, Colby was promoted to Vice President of WESCORP and spent the remainder of the year setting up the business for growth. In 2019, Colby successfully recruited several key management team members including a new Chief Financial Officer, Bradley Lampson, to help her drive positive change within the organization and support future growth for the family-owned and operated business.
Dave Nyland
Chief Executive Officer and President
1962 - 2001
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