Case Study: Medical Motors

The Situation

The Medical Motors industry is responsible for providing medical tools, devices and components that are expected to perform at high capacity and under very stressful conditions. These organizations and their products have an obligation like many to ensure the safety of the products they provide.

The Problem

The Medical Motors industry creates a lot of products that rely on components that are exposed to intense friction thus resulting in wear and tear. This corrosion can ultimately impact the structural integrity of the product when in use and compromise patient care.  As expected, these motors are relatively expensive so having to replace is not a cost effective solution to the Medical Motors industry.

The Need

The corrosion of components has been a pre-existing issue for this industry but one that needed to be rectified in order to be more cost effective and provide a higher level of safety with their high volume precision machining parts. Additionally, for infection control reasons it was ideal to have a solution all under one roof.

The Solution

WESCORP’s Wescoat® CX01P6 Thermal spray coatings are critical to the medical industry. Our coating is applied on the motors that go inside the medical equipment taking care of patients everyday.  This proprietary process is done all under one roof by an organization with almost 60 years of experience.

●The WESCOAT® spraying solution provides an increase in productivity by reducing downtime of the medical devices and products due to an overall increased lifespan when the coating is used.
●The WESCOAT® spray solution is also cost effective given the increased lifespan of the product resulting in decreasing the amount of part repairs or overall replacement.
●The WESCOAT® spray solution ultimately impacts customer satisfaction and sales.

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