Case Study: Textiles

The Situation

The textiles industry machines are used in the processing of fabrics, textiles, woven and non-woven materials. Textile companies depend on these assets extensively as they are what is keeping their business running and providing products on time to their customers.

The Problem

The manufacturing equipment used by the mills in the textiles industry typically operates at a high velocity that can cause extensive wear and degradation which, if not addressed, can cause substantial issues for the textile industry. Additionally, yarn carriers and thread guides have a tendency to wear out quickly. In a time where everyone is concerned about their bottom-line, reducing costs related to these machines is a major concern as well as reducing downtime which ultimately impacts customer satisfaction and overall sales for their business.

The Need

Thermal spray coating can help improve wear and corrosion problems while also reducing the chance of breakage of any textile industry machine components. A solution was needed that could be applied to the components surface to avoid having to replace these machines and/or their components at a high cost and lengthy downtime.

The Solution

WESCORP’s WESCOAT® AX01P6 provided the textile industry with an automated aluminum oxide coating to decrease wear and erosion on manufacturing equipment that is affordable and long lasting that would not impact the integrity of the machine or its parts. This proprietary process is done all under one roof by an organization with almost 60 years of experience in this industry.

●The WESCOAT® spraying solution provides an increase in productivity by reducing downtime of the textile machines due to an overall increased lifespan when the coating is used.
●The WESCOAT® spray solution is also cost effective given the increased lifespan of the machine and its components, resulting in decreasing the amount of part repairs or overall replacement.
●The WESCOAT® spray solution ultimately impacts customer satisfaction and sales.

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