Case Study: Printing

The Situation

The printing industry is prone to problems with commercial Printing rollers for printing presses because they are deployed at high processing settings. Paper rolls suffer significant wear and corrosion issues due to the harsh and abrasive grade of the paper being used on them.

The Problem

Paper rollers are subjected to the most diverse of operating and aggressive environments. Industries such as the paper and printing suffer significant wear and corrosion issues resulting in high replacement costs, reduced performance and excessive downtime. Replacement costs add up fast when printing companies have to constantly replace parts and execute regular printing press maintenance requests. The printing industry was looking for a solution that could extend their overall lifecycle while ensuring electricity could flow due to the porous landscape on the rolls.

The Need

High production environments cause high wear issues for the printing industry. Additionally, the printing industry desired a solution that consisted of a dielectric coating for printing rollers which would improve overall performance while reducing downtime in addition to being more cost effective than outright replacement of the paper roller or its components. Thermal spray coatings provide traction control, electrical resistance,  as well as protection from wear and corrosion.

The Solution

All WESCOAT® products are made in the USA. Products are sourced from the USA, support the US economy and serve customers internationally. After five years of research and development and extensive field testing, we produced a ceramic coating which improves printing processes and adds electrical properties to the rollers. WESCORP’s Wescoat® Products WC01H2 provide the printing industry with a dielectric solution for their propriety printing process. Our ability to engage and innovate with the client brought about a new development that revolutionized the printing industry. This proprietary process is done all under one roof by an organization with almost 60 years of experience.

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