At WESCORP, we believe in creating pathways for personal growth and multi-department exposure for the purpose of enabling our team members to exceed personal goals and create value for the organization. WESCORP’s vision and company mission can only be achieved through a relentless, motivated, detail-oriented work ethic. Becoming a team member at WESCORP requires personal commitment to treat your career as more than just a job. Through the help of our team members, we commit to continuous improvement and creative problem-solving without the burden of multi-layered management barriers and inefficiencies of overly bureaucratic corporate politics. If you are interested in becoming a key contributor to help us achieve our vision, we would love to meet you.

401k matching
Medical, dental, life, and vision insurance
Paid Time Off
Paid Holidays
Employee of the Month Program

Jobs we are hiring for:
CNC Machinist
Machine Operators
Thermal Spray Coating Operators
Grinder Operators

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